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Webmin 1.700 user mailbox opens very slow for mails with enclosure

Jan Grill
  • Jan Grill
    Jan Grill

    If I try to read user mailbox, so if mail has an enclosure (for example jpg picture or pdf document), so open the module runs very very long time. For example: mail with 3MB jpg picture takes more then 30 seconds when the module opens. This bug takes effect from webmin 1.700, in 1.68 or 1.69 is all O.K. and open the module takes about one or two seconds. If I look during opening mailbox to running processes for /usr/libexec/webmin/mailboxes/list-mail.cgi, so for 3MB jpg picture process takes out about 80MB of memory.
    Webmin 1.700 or 1.701, Centos 6.5 32bit, AMD E-350 Processor, 2 cores, 3,5GB memory, 350MB used, Mail server: Sendmail, server with console only, without GUI.

  • Vincent GA
    Vincent GA

    My server is the same way, I have a server with the following characteristics:

    Intel (R) Xeon (R) CPU E5630 @ 2.53GHz, 16 cores, 12GB RAM
    CentOS 6.5

    Just as with previous versions worked perfectly.

    Even not only display the messages in the "read user mailbox", also in the "mail queue" does the same when trying to see a suspicious mail.

    This happens if the mailbox is higher than 11 Mb, or if one e-mail is higher than 11 Mb no opens. It seems that you linked to RAM

    I have to kill the process of list-mail.cgi if not consume all CPU and RAM

    Last edit: Vincent GA 2014-08-25