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Virtual Hosts set to a specific directory pull pages from the default directory

  • Ryan Rasmussen
    Ryan Rasmussen

    I have a sub domain set up to use the directory "/var/sony"

    But it continues to pull the page from "/var/www/"

    Any help is much appreciated!

  • Solar

    I think that's the same question I have!

    I'm new to server setups and have got a VPS to play with I don't want to install cpanel as it's only for hosting some personal sites.

    I have it running but no mater what virtual host I make with webmin they all come back with the same index.html page that is in the first virtual host folder.

    I think its a Bind DNS issue but I don't know how to set it up and any info I found on the web was not much help for a beginner.

    So any one know what to do.

  • gus gando
    gus gando

    "File or directory to add virtual servers to" in your apache module config.
    there has to be a webmin howto somewhere. i use this