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Unable to register new user at Webmin documentation wiki

  • Bojan Vitnik
    Bojan Vitnik

    I have found some errors in Webmin documentation on Webmin wiki (http://doxfer.webmin.com/Webmin) that I wanted to fix but I was unable to edit an article because I'm not a registered user. I tried to register but got this error:

    URL is http://doxfer.webmin.com/twiki/bin/register/Main/WebHome

    TWiki detected an internal error - please check your TWiki logs and ebserver logs for more information.

    Failed to open file: No such file or directory

    By looking at wiki users list I have found that there are no new wiki users since 2008. :(. How can I contribute to documentation?

    Thank you.

    Last edit: Bojan Vitnik 2014-06-12