SSL Not working

  • marko sarunac
    marko sarunac

    I have got the webmin-ssl installed with the default set of modules for now.
    i have followed all the instructions in and all seems to work fine

    However when i go to Webmin->webmin Configuration -> SSL Encription and click enable and save i get a server timeout
    If i was to go to Webmin->webmin Configuration ->  certificate authority i get "SSL certification can only be setup when the webserver is running in SSL mode."

    note that in the config file ssl=1
    and https://domain:10000 is not responding

    no firewall is set on the server and it is running debian woody 2.4.18

    All tips are greatelly appreciated


    • Anonymous

      apt-get install libnet-ssleay-perl

      You need this for the ssl to work