OpenLDAP Server Configuration on RHEL6

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    Ok, so I'm trying to save the server configuration on RHEL6 with Webmin, and it doesn't matter what I do, either to the filesystem (permissions) or to the fields in the configuration, but when hit "save" i receive the error:

    "Failed to save LDAP server configuration : "

    Yes.  That's literally it.  No additional information, nothing that I can use to try and figure out what's gone wrong.  The 'error' after the colon is blank.

    The only other thing that i can imagine that would relate to this would be to say that I can vim the adjustments to the slapd.conf file myself, and they appear in webmin, so it's definitely reading the config file.  I can start/stop the server just fine with webmin, and load most of the other modules, and even save adjustments to the access control, which is in the same file! (but a different 'panel' in the module control)

    I'm kinda at a loss here =/

    Thanks in advance!