Postgresql Server module login error

  • I am running RH7.3 with Webmin 1.020. I have a local user "postrgres" with a new password recently set w "passwd postgres".

    I am trying to use the postgres module to administer the database.

    The module prompts me for the postresql user/pass and when I enter the correct password it gives me the error "Login failed : Incorrect administration username or password".

    Interstingly enough it didn't prompt me for the login at all on another 7.2 machine I have.

    I saw only one other post on this error in another forum but it was in Spanish and there were no replies.

    Thanks in Advance for any help.

    • I figued it out myself.
      Set "Unix user to run PostgreSQL commands as" to "postgres" instead of as "root".

      Funny thing is I received an e-mail saying that somebody had replied to this thread but it actually was regarding a different thread that I had nothing to do with.

      Is this thing on??? Hello?