usermin file manager permission denied

  • antonio olias
    antonio olias


    I have a user foo create with virtualmin with home
    directory /home/foo

    In webmin browser page after login with foo, file manager
    work fine.

    But in usermin browser page after foo identification, on
    press file manager result 3 consecutives alert windows
    with the message: Failed to list/:Permission denied, and
    remain in /_ with none file.

    In Webmin/System/User and Groups
    Home directory: /home/foo
    Primary group: foo
    Secondary groups: none
    Shell: /bin/sh

    In Webmin/Usermin configuration/Acces Control Option
    User's home directory - Signed

    In Webmin/Usermin configuration/Usermin module
    configuration/File manager:
    Limit user home directory - yes
    Other direcrories to allow - blank
    Open home directory - yes
    All available buttons enabled


    In Webmin/Usermin configuration/Current Login Sessions
    Permanent remains 3 Sessions ID with none unix user,
    logged in at Thu Jan 1 01:00:00 1970 unable to cancel
    after click

    My Remote Server
    VPS freevps
    OS: Red Hat 7.3 freevps 1.3-22 (kernel)
    Quotas for Users/Groups in / directory
    Webmin 1.180
    Usermin 1.110
    File Manager 1.090

    My machine:
    OS: W98 second edition
    Browser: IE 6.0.sp1

    Antonio Olas.