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DHCP-Server Module: better overview

  • Hi,

    we are planning to switch our Novell Netware DHCP server to the ISC DHCPd in combination with webmin. We only need the DHCP module, but it seems like webmin is the best here :)

    Unfortunately, the view seems not to be sophisticated enough for our purposes (big network). I don't know if it is more customizable than I think, so I'll describe what we need, maybe someone has got an idea for us.

    We habe one subnet x.y.0.0 where we use a lot of pool ranges like x.y.z.0. We are using the subnetmask everywhere, so I cannot create several subnets for our purpose.
    I created our main subnet (x.y.0.0) and tried to use the address pools for the subnet, but you
    (1) cannot name the pools other than pool1 etc.
    (2) cannot put any descriptions and notes to it
    (3) cannot see the pools on the DHCP-Server front page, which would be very useful for clarity
    (4) cannot subordinate hosts to a pool, which makes sense if you have e.g. a pool for printers (dhcp) (besides a lot of pools) and a few fixed adress printers you want to entlist there so you won't forget them.

    All ideas are welcome, thanks a lot!

    • gandolf

      i believe the networks would be created in your NETWORKS module. it seems like you are attempting something with dns.