#642 Just hangs and does nothing

Jamie Cameron

Just wondering if there is a fix for the ssh/telnet
login applet?
I haven't been able to use it for quite a while now .
The ssh window comes up but just hangs there...I don't
get a console prompt. Ive tried it with a couple
different browsers. Netscape and Explorer....neither


  • Jamie Cameron
    Jamie Cameron

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    I don't think there is anything wrong with the applet, as I
    have used
    it in SSH mode with no problems on many different browsers.
    Does it
    work in telnet mode? Also, is there maybe a firewall
    blocking your
    SSH login from the system you are running the web browser on?

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    I'm using Debian Woody, Webmin 1.0. I've used netscape 6.2,
    explorer, AOL, Mozilla, and konqueror. It does the same
    thing on all of them. After I login all I get is a blinking
    curser..nothing else.
    Also i can' make changes to the module config. Who should
    webmin be running as?

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    I have the same issue. Redhat 8. Shows the SSH header
    after the login window and just freezes. Tried different
    security settings. Set IE 6 to consider it a trusted site and I
    see no Java restrictions. No firewall probem as the same
    machine can use Putty to connect to the SSH just fine.

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    Argh...the 'edit' 'copy' feature in the terminal window
    doesn't appear to work. But I guess that's another issue...

    Tried Netscape 4.7 and same results:

    (Basically a frozen cursor and the SSH identifier. Can't free
    it up and have to disconnect.) Putty still connects fine
    from the same box.

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    Actually I think i figured it out. It doesn't seem to like
    SSH2. I reconfigured SSHD to accept SSH1 connections and
    made an SSH1 key and it works fine now.

    Thanks for the help


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    Upgraded server from RH7 to RH8 and upgraded webmin/usermin
    at same time and now ssh app fails, just cursor, no login
    prompt. In server logs I get:
    sshd[2192]: Did not receive identification string from

    sshd is set for both ssh1 and ssh2, putty works fine.

  • Robert Jacob
    Robert Jacob

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    I have this problem too...

    The WebMin-Machine is a SuSe 8.1 machine.
    I've tested it with 3 different computers and always the same

    I made a test with the java-console open and got a
    OutOfMemoryException (or something equal)
    , but I think this isn't an issue with the hardware of the client-
    machine (one of the test-machines has got 1GB of RAM).

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    Turns out you need to make sure you have ssh1 enabled with
    ssh. Default is ssh2

    Protocol 1,2
    # HostKeys for protocol version 2
    HostKey /etc/ssh/ssh_host_rsa_key
    HostKey /etc/ssh/ssh_host_dsa_key
    # Hostkey for protocol version 1
    HostKey /etc/ssh/ssh_host_key