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#496 Attempting to use Port 110 with Webmin

Jamie Cameron

Prior to the latest upgrade of Webmin(.970), I had
Webmin running on port 110; I do not use pop3. Now
whenever I try to reset it to port 110, I can no longer
connect. I get the "The page cannot be displayed" error.
I use Linux Mandrake 8.2 with the latest updates. I do
not use the cooker stuff. I have a two Realtek cards
running Nat. One card uses DHCP the other is set to Please feel free to mail me with any
questions you may have.


  • Jamie Cameron
    Jamie Cameron

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    If you run it on the normal port 10000, does it work OK?
    Also, if it is in SSL mode, make sure you are using an
    https:// URL to connect.

  • Logged In: NO

    I had simillar Problems.
    I set Port from 10000 to an other one for security-reason.
    To fix it reinstall Webmin with the tar-archive (not the rpm)
    and setup the new port.
    You should tell the Install-script the right path to the old
    version to get the old Modules within the new installation and
    the option to delete th old directorytree.
    After that the webminserver runs again without Problems.
    You shold edit /etc/services to bind pop3 for th local mailer to
    another Port.
    Otherwise you can read something like .. could not bind to
    port xxx port already used by ... because of local
    maildeliverysystem (normally used by all distributions).
    It's fine to give /etc/services a webmin-port (e.g. 123 tcp
    webmin) for use in the firewallscript.
    Local Maildelivery should still run, even, if you do not use it
    (e.g. security-scripts and root-notification).

    Binding webmin to port 110 or any other well known port
    <1024 is a security-risk, because portprobe-programs test
    this ports first!
    Better bind to an unknown port > 1024.


  • Justin Freeman
    Justin Freeman

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    I had a similiar problem with Mandrake 8.2. I had just installed
    Mandrake and was setting up Webmin. Changed the Port
    number to 65001 and Webmin responded with the
    message "unable to restart webmin". So I restarted my server
    and was unable to reconnect to webmin.

    I then went to the /etc/webmin directory and tried to edit the
    miniserv.conf file myself by reassigning 10000 as the port
    address (the default). Stopped and restarted webmin. Still
    unable to connect. But webmin appears to start (no errors at

    Any ideas? Would love to have it running again.