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#4265 Feature Request: Display what Default Settings Actually Are


Throughout all the modules of Virtualmin/Webmin/and probably Cloudmin. There are always settings which allow you to pick whatever the default setting is.

For example if you go to a specific server within virtualmin and then follow this path:
Edit Database -> Create a New Database -> Additional options for MySQL

It presents you with two options. In this case the options are for Character set and Collation order for the new database. They are both set to "<Default>"

This is not the only place where this occurs. A countless amount of settings are described as Default. It would be useful to know what the Default is actually set to. For example instead of:

Character set for new database: <Default>
It could instead say
Character set for new database: <Default> [big5 (Big 5 Traditional Chinese)]

This way the admin can know what the default setting actually is set to and as a result quickly tell if the settings are in fact what they are actually suppose to be.
This is just one example within virtualmin where a setting is set to default without any indication of what that default is but there are numerous places where it would be useful to have the default settings presented to you in addition to being selected.


  • Chengui

    Sorry I meant to put this in 1.630 please update

  • Jamie Cameron
    Jamie Cameron

    The catch here is that Webmin often doesn't know what the default is, because it is determined by some compile-time setting in MySQL, or an environment variable or another config file.