#41 can't login to webmin

Jamie Cameron

The install goes perfectly, I go to the url to login
for the first time, and I cannot get in. I uninstalled
and reinstalled three times. Still same problem. I'm
running RH 7.1 on an AMDk6II box. Never had any trouble
before this. Not an upgrade by the way.


  • Jamie Cameron
    Jamie Cameron

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    What error message are you getting exactly?
    Also, if you are logging in remotely from another machine,
    sure that the firewall is not active on your redhat box.

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    If this is the latest build of webmin (0.85) you cant login
    remotely unless you set it up on the localhost. Which
    kinda presumes you have X running. I too have this
    problem, my machine is a text install, and i have no idea
    which file to hack to let me get Lan access from my machine.
    Is there something im missing?

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    After apparently successful install of webmin 0.85 onto
    RedHat 7.1 system I don't get login screen when I specify
    URL of http://localhost:1000 from system console. Although
    I can see that miniserv.pl is running, it doesn't respond.

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    After reporting this same error I realized that I had
    gotten the wrong miniserv port from the Caldera
    documentation (1000). The generic distribution uses port

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    I get the same problem. After reading Joe Cooper's manual,
    I tried changing the password :

    ./changepass.pl /etc/webmin root <passwd>

    I got this error however :

    bash: k9e3: command not found

    and I still can't log in. Any ideas?

    I have Webmin 0.85 on an Intel 166MMX Compaq Server.

  • Steve Ellis
    Steve Ellis

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    Some problem with simular setup. RH 7.1 450 K62
    The error is something like (I can't remember off hand and
    I'm not near the system right now)
    "Rejected by server, the host is not accepting access at
    this time"
    or something like that.
    Sounds like the Firewall might be blocking the port, I also
    get the same message when using a Samba config, Bind config
    or anything that access the localhost via port #.
    I am on the server also using Gnome.

  • pauleyd

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    I have the similar problem. I have RH 7.1 on a PII 200
    with 128 MB RAM. I have the same RH version on another
    machine with an earlier version of Webmin that works. I
    will have to check the version of webmin if any one is
    interested. After initial install on the second system with
    the newest webmin I was able to use Webmin. Did a reboot
    and cannot access. No other changes were made to the
    system. It is running but I cannot access it through any
    browser local or remote.

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    Same story here. After a reboot without changing any
    config files i can login once. If i close that session
    with the logout link or just close the window i cant login
    anymore. Its says that it found the website but it dont
    load further. After a restart of the webmin service i can
    login once. Before the the first reboot everything worked


  • pauleyd

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    Solved mine. Using Nutscrape to access it and had put in
    my proxy info to access the net. I needed to put in
    the "do not use proxy" for localhost,, and
    <servername> and then everything went fine. I didn't think
    it would go to the proxy for localhost, but apparently it
    did. My proxy is MS Proxy 2.0.

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    same issue i think, i get as far as the webmin logon
    screen, as soon as i enter info and click to login it just
    hangs forever.

    it worked when i first installed and then quit,

    im using RH7.1

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    i have the same problems on suse 7.2 and 7.3

    the first version i installed was 0.87 (it worked perfekt)

    after an upgrade to 0.88 i cant login

    i deinstalled 0.88 and installed 0.87 again.. now all works
    fine again..

    yesterday i did a upgrade to suse 7.3 and fresh installed
    webmin 0.90 (deinstalled 0.87) - hmm... the same problem
    with 0.90 - i cant login...

    and now i can not install 0.87 (that always worked for me) -
    0.87 does not know suse 7.3 !

    big big problems.. ;((

    i think there must be a change btw. the version 0.87 and
    0.88 that cause this login problems..

    i hope my details help, best regards

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    Same problem..I have a dozen servers running RH 7.1. Once I upgraded to 0.90 I can not login from http://hostname:10000. However my workstation is running RH 7.2. Webmin 0.90 works great on it. In addition I can login to the 7.1 servers fine if I go through the Servers Index page on my 7.2 box.

  • Jamie Cameron
    Jamie Cameron

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  • Jamie Cameron
    Jamie Cameron

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    This bug was found and fixed in webmin 0.91 ..