#3999 Webmin accesses storage drives.


I use hdparm -Y to put sdb and sdc to sleep. A scrip monitors /proc/diskstats to determine if the disks are inactive and puts them to sleep if there is no change. Webmin 1.560 accesses the disks frequently changing /proc/diskstats and prevents them from sleeping. Even if I manually put the disks to sleep they get woken up. Reverting to Webmin 1.540 removes this problem. I did not try webmin 1.55. Webmin should not be accessing storage drives when no commands to do so are given.

OS: Ubuntu 11.04 Server
Webmin installed on sda
storage disks: WD15EARS & WD20EARS


  • Jamie Cameron
    Jamie Cameron

    Does this happen even if you aren't using Webmin? If so, one possible cause could be background status collection, which collects free disk space .. so if your hard disks are mounted, they might be woken up by Webmin running df on them.

    You can turn off status collection at Webmin -> Webmin Configuration -> Background Status Collection. Let me know if that helps ..


  • Anonymous

    If I disable background status collection on 1.56 it seems to fix the problem. I never had to do this with 1.54. What do I lose by disabling background status collection? Also, when I was monitoring the problem a while ago it seemed to access the disks faster than 5 minute intervals despite the setting being set to 5min.

    Also, I've done df from a ssh login and I've never had it wake up my HDD. I'm sort of assuming that the information that df retrieves is stored in the HDD cache and doesn't have to wake up the drive unless the information changed.

  • Jamie Cameron
    Jamie Cameron

    One recent change that may also be causing this is collection of drive status information using SMART. You can try disabling this editing /etc/webmin/system-status/config and adding the line :