#3990 All Packages Close Not Working

Jamie Cameron

Thanks for fixing the Package Listing Tree for Slackware (Bug 3102632). I noticed this is accomplished by matching the location information against the class_map array in slackware-lib.pl. I have modified that array to include the ability to classify to my taste and against my Slackware built packages. I can simply move the packages before I install them to the appropriate directory and webmin will present me with the category listing I can relate to. I am enjoying that functionality as it makes things easier for me.

The only problem is that the close action for the "All Packages" tree will not close. Before the fix, I could close out the All Packages tree listing and display the categories only. This isn't working now.


Robert W. Yarbrough
Mesquite, TX


  • Jamie Cameron
    Jamie Cameron

    That's odd, as this works fine for me.

    Did you actually modify Webmin code, and if so what were your changes?

  • I have two machines, One I modified, the other I did not. neither one works.

  • They are both freshly installed as well. I experienced a power outage during a storm and lost hard drives on both machines. I replaced the hard drives and reloaded Slackware 13.37. I then reloaded webmin 1.560 on both these units. I only modified the slackware-lib.pl file on one machine. I haven't touched anything else. My changes attached.

  • Unmodified 1.560 Software Module from my system

  • OK, went and did some digging and loaded up some older versions to see what has happened to see if I could debug. Here is what I found:

    It appears that the very top "All Packages" button has never closed. It seems that it was originally designed as a title icon. The difference between the fixed version (assigns classes correctly) vs the older versions that assigned everything to "Other" is that every package regardless of its class is displayed under All Packages as well as each individual class in essence double displaying. This didn't occur prior to 1.530. I suspect that gathering phase change may have produced the double display situation. I have attached four screen shots to demonstrate.

  • 1.560 Top showing all packages listed under All Packages Folder

  • 1.560 Bottom Showing All Packages listed before class folder listings

  • Old Version (pre 1.530) Screenshot Showing no packages listed under All Packages

  • 1.560 showing open class folder and all packages list still showing under All Packages Folder
  • Jamie Cameron
    Jamie Cameron

    Ok, so it looks like the real issue is that Webmin isn't putting slackware packages into classes.

    If you look in the /var/log/packages directory on your system and open one of the files under that directory, what does it's PACKAGE LOCATION line contain?

  • PACKAGE LOCATION: /var/log/mount/slackware/n/httpd-2.2.17-i486-3.txz

  • If I open the Network folder in the tree listing, httpd-2.2.17-i486-3.txz does show up in the subtree. Every package is being listed twice.

  • Jamie Cameron
    Jamie Cameron

    What about one of those packages that is appearing outside any category, like anthy ?

    What does it's PACKAGE LOCATION line contain?

  • PACKAGE NAME: anthy-9100h-i486-1
    PACKAGE LOCATION: /var/log/mount/slackware/x/anthy-9100h-i486-1.txz

  • AHHHA! Not duplicated as I first supposed. So if the package location doesn't match an entry in the class_map array it gets placed at the top under All Packages instead of "Other" like it used to. I added the x to the class_map and whalla! anthy gets removed from the all packages listing.

  • New Screen Shot attached. Need to add a few items to the class_map in Slackware-lib.pl and have any unrecognized packages placed into the "other" category and you're done!

  • Modern Slackware Package Series Taken from the latest Slackware Essentials Guide at slackbook.org/ and distribution mirrors

    %class_map = ( 'a', 'Base Slackware system',
    'ap', 'Linux applications',
    'd', 'Program development',
    'e', 'GNU Emacs',
    'extra', 'Extra Slackware packages',
    'f', 'FAQs, howtos, and documentation',
    'gnome', 'GNOME desktop and programs',
    'k', 'Linux kernel source',
    'kde', 'KDE desktop and programs',
    'kdei', 'Language support of KDE',
    'l', 'Libraries',
    'n', 'Networking',
    'pasture', 'Software put to pasture',
    't', 'TeX',
    'testing', 'Software in testing',
    'tcl', 'TcL/Tk',
    'x', 'X Windows',
    'xap', 'X applications',
    'y', 'Classic BSD console games' );

  • Jamie Cameron
    Jamie Cameron

    • status: open --> closed-fixed
  • Jamie Cameron
    Jamie Cameron

    Cool, thanks for the fix and the updated package list .. I will include this in Webmin 1.580.