#3773 All virtual servers have disappeared after Description edit

Jamie Cameron

Ive been using webmin/virtamin for a couple of years now. But now I have a mayor problem. All my virtual servers are gone. Well the are gone out of webmin. In my httpd file they are still there.

What did I do before it went bad.
I was editing the virtual server comments at the "edit virtual server" => "Configurable settings" => "Description". I saved the last edit and suddenly the only virtual server I could see was the last one 1 edited.

Now this is my own dedicated server and I have root rights. So no one could have shut me out.

Okey so HELP! What happened and what can I do to fix this. I don't want to make a clean install because its a live server with websites of clients on it.


  • Jamie Cameron
    Jamie Cameron

    Check the contents of your /etc/webmin/virtual-server/domains directory - does it still contain a bunch of files, each of which contains the details for one domain?

    Also, if run the command :

    virtualmin list-domains

    Do all your virtual servers still appear?