#2321 Wrong links to zones inside views

Jamie Cameron

I created a couple of views and a few zones inside
them. First the views were not visible until I deleted
the /etc/webmin/bind/zone-names file. Then the views
were there but if I created a zone within one of the
views, the link to the zone in the module index would
be wrong.

Here I specify the problem:

The link to a master zone that webmin indexes 1 would
be (on the module index):

Then the link to another master zone indexed 1 inside a
view indexed 6 would be:

Notice that the view variable is not assigned. Then the
link should really be:

I can use that latter link written manually to get to
the zone I wish to edit.

Thank you very much for the hard work.


  • Jamie Cameron
    Jamie Cameron

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    Could you post the named.conf file from your system to this
    bug report? I suspect that Webmin isn't parsing it correctly ..

    Also, make sure you are using the latest version (1.240), as
    a problem in this area was fixed a few releases ago..


  • 2005-11-11

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    I am unfortunately unable to send the file that is causing
    the problem because I have rewritten it manually. But I can
    tell you I'm using Ubuntu and the file is divided on three
    different files: named.conf, named.conf.options,

    I think the software became crazy the moment I created the
    views and there were still many zones in the named.conf
    outside any zone and the named.conf.local had the newly
    added zones and views. It was difficult for the software to
    parse this due to the fact that every zone must be part of a
    view if one is using views. If I program the Webmin BIND
    module to create new zones in the named.conf file instead of
    the named.conf.local file and delete all preconfigured zones
    prior to creating views and zones it might work properly.

    Thank you very much for your help. If I try the new webmin
    and it fixes the problems I'll let you know. For the time
    being I will not play too much with the server since it's
    having some hard disk issues. I'll have to replace it during
    the weekend.

  • Jamie Cameron
    Jamie Cameron

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    Having zones outside of views could definately cause problems ..
    From my understanding, BIND doesn't allow this - if you have
    any views, all zones must be in a view. It would probably
    confuse Webmin too.

  • Jamie Cameron
    Jamie Cameron

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