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#170 SuSE Linux : Webmin Routes

Jamie Cameron

Webmin reads /etc/route.conf and builds a HTML Page with routing entries.
When a new route is entered and saved it is written immediately to /etc/route.conf.
Nothing wrong so far.
When issueing a '/sbin/init.d/route restart' (which consists of 'route stop' and 'route start').
'route stop' does the following, which produces an error: It reads all entries in /etc/route.conf and removes them from the kernel routing table in reverse order. Because Webmin appended a (or some) new entry(s) to /etc/route.conf , /sbin/init.d/route tries to delete the newly Webmin generated route too. The Problem here is that this particular route wasn't activated in the kernels routing tables yet so /sbin/init.d/route gives an error and exits before doing a 'start' again.

Cheap Workaround is to reboot the machine.

It would be better to make Webmin to activate the new route(s) in the kernel routing table too when /etc/route.conf is modified by Webmin. This should make a '/sbin/init.d/route restart' possible which saves you from reboot (Which you should only do to add/remove new hardware or use a modified kernel).


  • Jamie Cameron
    Jamie Cameron

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    Yes, having webmin actually set the routes in the kernel
    properly would be nice - but it is quite complex
    unfortunately, as the suse example shows. Also, there is
    the risk that if something goes wrong the server running
    webmin will be cut off from the network!