#11 Upload failure using IE5.01 SP2 browser

Jamie Cameron
Brent Hunsaker

I ran into a problem uploading files using my own upload html page ('<input type="file"
name="attfile">') or the upload in File Manager. Other browsers that I have tried work fine. I
believe the problem to be with a fix that Microsoft implemented to close security holes in its
browser. In previous versions of IE5 the Authorization for something like webmin is passed
automatically to the next page. In the new version it is not but waits for an "Unauthorized
message and then resends with authorization that has been cached by the browser. This works
fine for non upload pages. However on upload pages that are greater than 5K this always fails and
will usually fail on smaller files as well.

It does not matter what action (ie the cgi script it goes to) is specified. The failure is in the
authorization. If the action goes to an apache webserver based cgi it works because no
authorization is required.

Any work arounds?


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    Does not just happen in IE but in the latest Mozilla build as well.

  • Jamie Cameron
    Jamie Cameron

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    Have you tried using session authentication instead of
    normal HTTP authentication? You can turn it on under
    Webmin Configuration -> Authentication.

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    I did try session authentication and all is well when it is turned on.

  • Jamie Cameron
    Jamie Cameron

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