#8 Header menu option requests

William Arlofski

This is actually a couple requests in one:

I manage at least 5 client sites (large and small) using bacula/webacula and they all look the same to me and it is hard to immediately know which site I am logged into. Also, since I use ssh to tunnel ports to the client's backup server, my URL location bar does not help much either since they all look like http://localhost:1234/webacula/ http:localhost:2345/webacula/ etc.

Could an option or two be added to the application/config.ini file like "site.name" "server.name" or something similar in case a site has more than one bacula/webacula server? (BTW, I already have one site with more than one backup server) This information could be then added to the header menu so that it would be immediately clear as to what server & site I was working on.

Also, when scrolling down in the browser, the header scrolls too. Perhaps a bit of CSS (or javascript or a table or whatever) could be used to keep the header menu and site/server information at the top all the time. This is a pretty important request to me actually... Can you please consider it? :)

Thanks for listening! Keep up the great work...

Bill Arlofski
Reverse Polarity, LLC


  • Yuriy Timofeev
    Yuriy Timofeev

    good idea, thanks.
    I think it will not be difficult to realize.

  • Yuriy Timofeev
    Yuriy Timofeev

    • status: open --> closed-fixed
  • Yuriy Timofeev
    Yuriy Timofeev

    Try the new version Webacula 3.0 RC2 (coming soon).
    And setup new parameters in config.ini :

    ; the text, which will be placed in the header of the page
    ;head_title = "webacula :: domain.tld"

    ; Main menu floating (default = 0)
    ; A floating menu stays visible even if you scroll down a web page.
    ; They're animated, so they move up and down as you scroll the browser window up or down.
    ;mainmenu_floating = 1