My firsts steps with the proyect

  • lechon

    Hi to all!!
    It's the first time that I have participed in a proyect of and I'm very lost.

    I've installed the aplication "web-gmui" with the aMule and it runs well. My problems are because I not found any information about how I have to configure the web-gmui with Apache or a DataBase (Mysql for example).

    However I've seen in this forum that more people it's using the web-gmui with both aplications Apache and MySQL or SQLlite.

    I hope that some people can help me and i will be able to start.


    • mwarning

      Web-GMUI does now has a webserver included.
      Therefore, no Apache or other web server is needed.
      (There were plans to make Web-GMUI a apache module, but I don't see any need atm.)

      A database like MySQL is also not needed, because all settings are read from the setting files and hold in memory during runtime.
      When Web-GMUI finishes, all settings are stored into the setting files.
      (The format in the setting files is JSON)

      I will refactor the code to make MySQL at least an optional feature.
      But that's a feature only users with hundreds of accounts may need.

      Btw.: You may want to get a dictionary. :P