#96 Hover/Dropdowns are problematic

Tony Allevato
Michael Stewart

The dropdown buttons currently only require a hover to open, this also means that they only require a hover elsewhere to close. This is a crime (but we love y'all for making web-cat, you ROCK!). I'll skip all the usual reasons and go to a worst case:

say i have many assignments (this is actually happening to me right now) so many that the dropbown stretches off my screen. so i hover over the assignments thing at the top and down pops the list of assignments, so i scroll down and my cursor ends up exiting the bottom of the list (how can I know how many there will be while scrolling [i have to keep my cursor near the top of the screen and scroll "slowly"]) which results in the drop down closing, so i have to scroll back up to make it pop up, but what i want is now back oof the bottom of the screen again...


  • The same issue arises with the dropdown list for picking plug-ins, on the assignment editing page. It appears that it may be an issue with the specific dojo components being used, but should be fixed.

    • assigned_to: stedwar2 --> aallowat
    • milestone: --> Core_subsystem