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Watij 3.2.1 Patch Released

Made changes so that Watij will work with jdk 1.5

Posted by Brian Knorr 2008-01-16

Watij 3.2.0 Released!

This release includes support for IE 7 on Windows XP SP2, several design changes to increase stability and performance, numerous bug fixes, and an upgrade to the latest TeamDev software. See release notes for more details. Enjoy!

Posted by Brian Knorr 2008-01-10

Major Milestone - Watij Release 3.1.0

We are excited to announce the release of Watij 3.1.0, a major milestone that increases the stability of Watij considerably. This was accomplished mostly through the integration of TeamDev products: jniwrapper, winpack, jexplorer, and comfyj. Special thanks to TeamDev for their support of Watij!

This release also introduces some major features like support for modeless and modal dialogs, finders (a better alternative to using symbols), chained finders, finder extensions, and table navigation.... read more

Posted by Brian Knorr 2006-09-15

Watij Release 3.0.2 BETA Available

Beta 3.0.2 Notes
*! Important !*
- With latest version, Eclipse compiler/runtime has a bug and Watij will not run in it. Any other compiler/runtime will work. TeamDev has been notified of the issue.
- Please recopy the jniwrap.dll to your system32 dir.

Design Changes:
- Upgraded to JExplorer 1.6
- IE class delegates to IESupport which extends BrowserSupport (JExplorer)
- It's possible to use separate message loops for each browser instance...this is to enable modal dialog support.... read more

Posted by Brian Knorr 2006-08-28

Watij Release 3.0.1 BETA Available

Beta 3.0.1 Notes

Design Changes:
- New system property BROWSER_TIMEOUT can be configured. This property is the amount of time in seconds that watij should wait for a browser to be initialized.
- Added ability to run single unit test. Example: launchAnt.bat run.single.test -DtestName=watij.NavigateTest
- Added static import to beanshell.
- Refactored IEController and IE to single class.
- Refactored to bind all calls to OLEMessageLoop to increase stability.... read more

Posted by Jake 2006-08-15

Watij Release 3.0 Beta Available

Beta 3.0 Notes

*! Important !*
We are releasing a beta of Watij that utilizes our new Java-to-Com bridge ComfyJ. We are no longer using Jacob and Jiffie. During this beta phase we will be updating Watij with api changes, and performance improvements.

- Please copy jniwrap.dll to your system32 dir.
- Include the following jars from the lib dir in your classpath: comfyj-2.1.jar, jniwrap-3.1.jar, watijcom.jar, and winpack-3.0.jar.... read more

Posted by Jake 2006-07-06

Watij 3.0 will be powered by TeamDev's ComfyJ

Brian and I have been working with TeamDev to build a partnership
that will allow watij to utilize the Java-to-Com bridge offering ComfyJ
(http://www.jniwrapper.com/pages/comfyj/overview). We are happy to
announce that TeamDev has donated licenses to watij which will allow
us to replace our existing jacob underpinnings with a commercial grade

This will eliminate the random crashes that users are experiencing with
watij due to jacob. The use of a commercial grade bridge will also
give watij the potential to be used for load and performance testing.
We will also have support from TeamDev for ComfyJ. ... read more

Posted by Jake 2006-06-23

Watij Release 2.2.3 Available

*! Important !*
We are releasing with the latest Jacob 1.10.1
- this includes a new jacob.dll that you must (re)copy to your system32 folder or place in your java.library.path
- there is also a new jacob.jar and jiffie.jar in the lib dir

Bug Fixes
Fixed issue with http headers prepending null

Posted by Jake 2006-06-20

Watij Release 2.2.2 Available

IE Support:
- Additional Http Headers support (somewhat experimental method setAdditionalHttpHeaders(String) will cause every navigation to include the set http headers. Doesn't work with frames - will cause frame navigation issues)

Element Support:
- File Field support (input type=file)

Posted by Jake 2006-05-25

Watij Release 2.2.1 Available

IE Support:
- Access to native Document through method getOLEDocument()
- Frame.title now returns the title for the frame

Element Support:
- Html Form support

Unit Tests:
- WatijTestCase now uses a global setup and teardown (unit tests run twice as fast)
- WatijTestCase now uses a System property for finding the HTML_ROOT (you will need to add this to your IDE as a vm parameter)

Posted by Jake 2006-05-19

Watij Release 2.2 Available

*! Important !*
All indexes in Watij are now zero-based. Please update your existing one-based tests.

IE Support:
- Execute Javascript (you can now call ie.executeScript(String) to run your own custom javascript in IE)
- Enhanced screenCapture (will automatically bring IE to front, maximize, do screenshot, and then restore)
- Show (calling ie.show() will print out all html elements on IE in JSON format)
- Calling sendKeys on IE will automatically wait until IE is finished processing
- Fixed IE.close bug where failures caused IE to hang
- Improved childBrowser logic to wait on new child window (this ensures you don't access a child window before the parent window has a handle to it)
- Indexes to child browsers are now zero-based... read more

Posted by Jake 2006-05-18

Watij Release 2.1 Available

Watij 2.1 includes:
IE Support:
- Dynamic sizing of IE (you can set the width and height)
- Fixed sendKeys issue (added title, if no title supplied will use active IE's title)
- Screen capture (default image is png, supports other formats as well: bmp, jpg, etc)
- Restore (after calling maximize you can call restore to bring back to original size)

Element Support:
- Flash for element (calling flash() will cause element to flicker on the page)
- Flash for element collections (calling flash() on a collection will cause all elements to flicker on page at the same time)
- Focus (calling focus() will put cursor on element)

Posted by Jake 2006-05-11

Watij 2.0.1 Released

We have released a patch for Watij. The 2.0.1 release adds the ability to do a contains
text on a frame.

Posted by Brian Knorr 2006-05-10

Watij Release 2.0 is now available

Watij 2.0 is now available. This landmark release of watij introduces
frame support, iframes, and embeded elements. We also have spruced up
http://watij.xwiki.com with a Basic User Guide. The javadocs also now
show unimplemented items throwing a not implemented yet exception for
better clarity. Happy Testing!!

Posted by Brian Knorr 2006-05-02

Watij is now on JUnit.org

Watij is now listed under web extensions on Junit.org...check it out

Posted by Brian Knorr 2006-04-30

Beta 1.1 Release - Watij is Now Interactive in Real-Time!

The new Beta 1.1 Release of Watij includes a pre-configured version of BeanShell that allows you to use the Watij API to control Internet Explorer in real-time!!!

Just download Watij, unzip, and double-click on the launchWatijBeanShell.bat and you are ready to start scripting in the BeanShell Desktop console.

Posted by Jake 2006-04-28

ANN: Watij Beta Release 1.0

Watij beta 1.0 has been released. Contains support for many browser interactions including support for handling new windows. Please see http://watij.xwiki.com for more details!

Posted by Brian Knorr 2006-04-26