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WASTE v1.5 beta 4 for POSIX Systems

After a long hiatus, we're proud to present a new release of WASTE. This version, dubbed wxWASTE, is a fork of the main WASTE project designed to provide minimal cross-platform support. Developed in the wxWidgets toolkit, this version of WASTE gives many more users the opportunity to connect to a WASTE mesh.

Though wxWASTE was previously released as v1.5 beta 3, this new effort provides a much more usable client. A source-only release, v1.5 beta 4 now uses autotools to make compiling quick and simple, as well as provides some fixes for serious bugs preventing normal operation.... read more

Posted by Eric 2007-03-26

WASTE Linux and OS X Client Binary Support Ending

Due to the poor quality and compatibility of the Linux Client/Server binary currently offered for download, it will be removed within a month of this notice and replaced with a newer source copy. This updated source should compile easily on most *nix machines, offering users the chance to test WASTE on the Linux platform.

Packages for various distributions may be provided, however little detail is known at this time.... read more

Posted by Eric 2007-01-17

WASTE Undead

Is WASTE alive again? I'm not really sure. After 3 years on the internet, it's actually more relevant than it was way back in version 1.0b. With government wiretapping, ISP logging, and general sneaky spying, it's a great time to keep your private matters...well...private, and use WASTE.

With that, I'd say it's time to kick this dusty old project back into gear. I've got new software, new hardware, and the tools I need to get things going again. Hopefully this time there will be a community with enough passion to keep me developing. Send me the good word, some tips, or perhaps even an offer to help out the coding effort by contacting me via my SourceForge page. Let's see if we can't bang out a real release.

Posted by Eric 2006-11-16

Status Update and Ransom Pot News

Hello everyone, I just wanted to give you all a personal status update.

To start, I'd like to thank everyone for their generous support, without caring users WASTE would still be stuck at its early versions. I appreciate all the donations received, and have nearly acquired all I need to continue work with an updated machine.

This however, I hope will not discourage donations, as the money will go to an important new cause. After taking a long look at the progress and history of the project, as well as a few other popular open-source endeavors, I've come up with a new plan on which I'd like to receive community comments. This new plan is to take money in the form of donations and put it towards different ransom pots for features you, the users, would like to suggest. As the ransom grows from donations and my personal contributions (I will attempt to grow each pot monthly from any money I may have), hopefully the urge for developers to submit patches will increase.... read more

Posted by Eric 2005-12-02

WASTE Project Status

The WASTE Project is currently inactive for a number of reasons, unfortunately stalling the development of a great application. The reasons for this are numerous, but I'll outline the top few below:

1) Developer contribution.

I often hear of new branches of WASTE being developed, adding this feature or that feature, but in the end no one is willing to bring those to the attention of the developers or to submit a patch. Of course, this isn't always an easy task, and the blame doesn't fall on anyone's shoulders in particular. I'd like to encourage an open-door patching policy, just submit a patch or modification in whatever way is easiest for you.... read more

Posted by Eric 2005-09-25

WASTE for Linux v1.5 beta 3 Released!

Thanks to a diligent porter, WASTE has now been ported to the wxWigets library, and today we would like to announce the immediate release of this port compiled for the Linux platform!

For the first time in WASTE's history we would like to bring you a full, complete port of WASTE to the Linux and Mac OS X platforms. Although we have not reached that stage, today we offer you a beta of this client. Featuring the full features of WASTE Client/Server for Windows and full protocol compatability, this should allow many users to begin enjoying the great functionality available in WASTE.... read more

Posted by Eric 2005-03-17

New GUI concepts

As we wrap up the v1.5 series with the final bug fixes required, we begin to take a look at v2.0. With a newly redesigned interface, many new network features, better cross platform compatability, and a new user-friendly setup, v2.0 is going to be the WASTE that users have been looking for since it started with v1.0b.

To give users a taste of what is to come, today I would like to present everyone with the first concept for one of the new GUIs for WASTE. To satisfy all users needs, WASTE v2.0 will allow you to select between multiple interface styles, including the classic, multi-windowed mode WASTE currently uses.... read more

Posted by Eric 2005-02-27

WASTE v1.5 beta 3 Now Available

The WASTE Project Team would like to annouce the immediate release of WASTE v1.5 beta 3! This new release features a brand new installer, a mini version for those with a low bandwidth connection (excludes documentation), and the first release of WASTE in other languages.

The German version has been temporarily removed while the installer is being translated. It is, however, still avalible from the translator. Please see http://german-waste.de.vu/ to download it.... read more

Posted by Eric 2005-02-08

WASTE Translations and Updates

Just to keep everyone updated, WASTE is still being worked on. Hopefully all the bugs stopping the release of v1.5 final should be gone soon. Right now we could use your help in translating WASTE. It has currently been translated into Swedish and German and v1.5 final will be released in both languages, as well as English. The German version (of 1.5 beta 2) has been released temporarily on this site as a single file. Download and install WASTE for Windows and replace the EXE with the one included in the zip file. You can visit the translator's site (and view instructions in German) here: http://german-waste.de.vu/... read more

Posted by Eric 2005-02-03

Nightly Builds and Mac OS X

Nightly builds are now available at http://waste.tjtech.org . Please note that these are manually updated, and thus sometimes are late. Also note that these are CVS builds, so stability, or even operability are not guaranteed!

Also, for those interested in the new Mac OS X version, a server binary has been uploaded to that nightly builds site. The client is currently being worked on, expect it later.

Posted by Eric 2004-10-14

New "networks" forum

A new forum has been created to help people organize WASTE networks. Keep in mind if you wish this network to be private you should not trade keys on here. If we need to test large scale networks in the future for new versions of WASTE, we will also use this forum to get people to join. Enjoy!

Posted by Eric 2004-08-15

Source Checked into CVS

Some of you may have noticed that the source for WASTE v1.5 beta 2 has been checked into CVS. CVS stats are currently broken so you will not notice any change in the number of times the source has been updated. As soon as md5chap's computer comes back to its old self, the latest builds of v1.5 final will be checked in also. Enjoy.

Posted by Eric 2004-08-12

Mailing list.

With these new releases of WASTE (1.5 betas) and the renewed interest in WASTE, the mailing list is being used again. Please feel free to post comments, patchs, and information, all your mail will be revewed and commented on by the dev team. Thanks, and please sign up!

Posted by Eric 2004-06-20

Updates to the WASTE website.

After laying fairly unchanged for a long time, the WASTE website has been updated with a nice new interface. Hopefully we will begin to use this website as an outlet as well as our sourceforge project. As always: http://waste.sourceforge.net. For those with a bit of nostalgia, you can see the (partially working) old site at: http://waste.sourceforge.net/old. Enjoy!

Posted by Eric 2004-06-19

WASTE v1.5 beta 2 released! Bugfixes and documentation.

After only a day of beta 1, beta 2 has been released. It features a few bug fixes as well as updated documentation (clarifications, made more readable, smaller size). It also features the addition of a precompiled Windows server version. Please view the changelog here: http://sourceforge.net/project/shownotes.php?group_id=82356&release_id=246377

Thanks and enjoy!

Posted by Eric 2004-06-16

WASTE v1.5 beta 1 released, many bugfixes

WASTE reaches a new milestone with the new v1.5 beta 1 released today. It both marks WASTE's re-entry into beta, as well as starts the new line of v1.5. After v1.4 lackluster start, this new version adds many features, gaining it a new program number. WASTE is a mesh-based workgroup tool that allows for encrypted, private communication between distant parties on the internet, independant of local network organization.... read more

Posted by Eric 2004-06-16

New Project Manager and Programmer

Welcome our new project manager and developer sfdang. Thanks to his help our next version of WASTE is currently under development again! Expect to see things pick up in the project again.

Posted by Eric 2004-06-03

WASTE v1.4 alpha 3 adds documentation

We have released WASTE v1.4 alpha 3, which adds documentation by our new Doc Manager. Also, it includes various interface updates as well as an improved installer. Check out the change log for more information.

Posted by Eric 2004-04-17

VIA Padlock and WASTE updates

We have been discussing the problem with VIA Padlock's GNU GPL violation, and as things are flaring up today (with a Slashdot and all), we would like to update everyone on the situation.

VIA HAS released the source code, however the interface code and copyrights in the interface are missing, which is still against GNU GPL. We will see how this progresses.

Also, our main developer has been unable to work much on the program due to family issues (wish him luck). Development on the program will resume soon, and we will begin the major protocol adjustments, to bring about the release of v1.4 final.... read more

Posted by Eric 2004-04-14

WASTE featured in Wired Magazine

An article on WASTE and Justin Frankel was in the latest issue of Wired Magazine. Check out the article online at:

Posted by Eric 2004-03-26

Documentation site.

Until we merge this into the main documentation, you can use this URL for both Mac and Windows versions. It was created by our resident Mac Developer.


Posted by Eric 2004-02-07

WASTE v1.4 alpha 2 released.

More improvements in this version, fixing of bugs in alpha 1, and reintegration of previous ideas - this time with better execution. Read changelog for details.

Posted by Eric 2004-02-06

Version 1.4 alpha 1 Released!

Already version 1.4 alpha 1 has been released! See the change log for details on new features!

Posted by Eric 2004-01-15

New Version and Mac OS X Client

Yesterday I added the latest version of WASTE, and today I added the Mac OS X client alpha.

Expect v1.4 alpha 1 later today.

Posted by Eric 2004-01-13

Project Renewed.

Hello everyone, let me introduce myself.
I am Eric aka sHARD>> a new admin on the project.
I plan to attempt to revive the project, starting with the release of v1.3c, coded by http://waste.globaldisarray.org/ on the 1.1 source code. This way, people can begin working on this new source code which will be used as the basis for v1.4.
It fixes many bugs, and adds a couple new features.
I plan to add some fresh new developers to the project, to work on it through v1.4 and on. If you are interested please e-mail me through my profile.
I will also be keeping up every one in ahwile http://sf.net/projects/modwaste , as a location for possible experimental changes to WASTE, possibly resulting in an alternative project, modWASTE. If you are interested in working on that, also e-mail me through my profile.... read more

Posted by Eric 2004-01-13