SIGSEGV when trying to run wxWaste 1.5 Beta 4

  • Dennis Boylan
    Dennis Boylan

    It starts to read the configuration file and pops up a window for the private password.  No matter how you deal with that pop up window, it SEGFAULTs.

    I using CENTOS 5.2 i386 with wxX11-2.8.9 built from source.

    I've tried to use different Default.pr0 files from my working waste machines with no change.

    • Dennis Boylan
      Dennis Boylan

      Here is the dump....
      Starting program: /home/dennis/Desktop/waste/waste/waste
      [Thread debugging using libthread_db enabled]
      (1)Console :<09/01/19 14:28:10:0> {srvmain.cpp(257)} WASTE v1.5 beta 4 (build 410) starting up...
      (1)Console :<09/01/19 14:28:10:1> {util.cpp(204)} initializing RNG
      (1)Console :<09/01/19 14:28:10:2> {util.cpp(212)} done
      (1)Console :<09/01/19 14:28:10:3> {sharedmain.cpp(1157)} loading config from /home/dennis/.waste/Default.pr0
      [New Thread -1208985904 (LWP 32756)]

      Program received signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault.
      [Switching to Thread -1208985904 (LWP 32756)]
      0x0807716f in netkern_WM_COMMAND_IDC_NUMCONUP () at netkern.cpp:754
      754             bool b = g_netstat_dlg->m_num_con_up->GetValue().ToLong(&lr);