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Who is using WASS?

  • We are trying to decide where to take WASS, and what should be in the next release.  It would be enormously helpful if folks using WASS would simply post a brief comment saying who they were and what they were using it for, and if I can put them on an email list to query about new features.  Thanks,
    Serge Goldstein


  • Anonymous

    University of Southampton are currently starting  a pilot for students booking appointments with their tutors in one of our schools.


  • Anonymous

    I am hoping to use WASS for a hospice at home charity in Northumberland, UK.  We provide (amongst many other services) a 'volunteer driver' service to take patients and their carers to hospital appointments.  If you substitute 'Drivers' for 'Professors'  and 'Patients' for Students' you will get the idea of how we may use it.  I'd be interested to know if it will be possible to replace the academic calendar with a normal one - is it just a matter of configuring a new start date?  The installation sounds formidable and I'm not looking forward to it - although I would say 'thank you' for what appear to be comprehensive instructions.  If the feature is not already included, might it be possible to include (or customise it) for an overview page displaying a summary of availability of all Drivers (ie Professors) on one scrolling page?

    Peter Rodger
    TalkingHat Associates
    Tynedale Hospice at Home