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Sean Proctor

Warlock is an open source client for Simutronics games. It runs on Window, Mac OS X, and Linux. Warlock 2 is written in Java and built on the Eclipse RCP. It was written by a small group of individuals looking to play DragonRealms on Linux. Development is ongoing at [ the Warlock Homepage]. If you're interested you can read about the history of Warlock.

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Slightly before 0.3 rc1
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Warlock2 SVN from 4/11/2007
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Warlock2 SVN from 04/08/2007
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Warlock 0.5 pre5

Using Warlock 2

Installation & Customization Hints

[[Javascript|Javascript Support]]

[[WSL|Wizard-style Script Reference]]

[[Script Repository]]

Contributing and Development

[[Developer Info|Getting Started with Development]]

[[Script Command Wishlist]]

[[EAccess Protocol]]

[[StormFront Protocol]]

[[StormFront Server Settings]]

[[Script Tok Format]]

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