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WaoN 0.10 Released!

waon: the quality of result is improved by cleaning up useless notes.

gwaon: horizontal keyboard is added on the spectrum pane.

Posted by Kengo Ichiki 2011-12-27

rpm of 0.9 is added

rpm is built on openSUSE machine. enjoy!

Posted by Kengo Ichiki 2007-11-06

WaoN 0.9 Released!

add mannual pages (waon.1, pv.1, gwaon.1).
clean the codes.

add the interactive curses mode with real-time time-strech and pitch-shift.
add no-fft scheme (just for fun).

update about window and the GUI, adding buttons for each function.

Posted by Kengo Ichiki 2007-11-05

WaoN: ports for FreeBSD is now available

WaoN is a Wave-to-Notes transcriber (converts audio file into midi file) and some utility tools such as gWaoN, graphical visualization of the spectra, and phase vocoder for time-stretching and pitch-shifting.

ports for FreeBSD is now available.

Posted by Kengo Ichiki 2007-10-10

WaoN 0.8 Released!

pv: -rate and -pitch can work together.
gWaoN: add pitch-shift scale.

Posted by Kengo Ichiki 2007-03-11

WaoN 0.7 Released!

This release is mainly for a bug fixed and two functionality addition for WaoN.
Also, some default parameters are adjusted for WaoN and pv.

Posted by Kengo Ichiki 2007-03-02

WaoN 0.6 Released!

gWaoN: use ao libary, loop-play, play-position indicator, loose phase lock PV.
pv: bug fixed on loose phase lock, use ao libary, pitch-shifting.
WaoN: get rid of my old sox-derived code.

Posted by Kengo Ichiki 2007-02-25

0.5 Released

This is for gWaoN upgrade; it has functionality of audio playback with the real-time tempo change by phase vocoder.

Posted by Kengo Ichiki 2007-02-17

WaoN 0.4 Released!

two additional programs, gWaoN and pv, are added.

Posted by Kengo Ichiki 2007-02-14

pv is added!

pv is yet another phase vocoder for time-streching.

Posted by Kengo Ichiki 2007-02-14

gWaoN code is in the CVS!

The code is working for analyzing sound file. See the web for the instruction. (http://waon.sourceforge.net/gwaon.html)

Posted by Kengo Ichiki 2007-02-11

0.3 is out

now WaoN uses libsndfile for input, so flac is directly processed! also a new option --phase is added to improve freq estimation by phase-vocoder technique.

Posted by Kengo Ichiki 2007-02-09

WaoN 0.2 is out

stereo wav can be handled properly,
work with either FFTW version 2 or 3.

Posted by Kengo Ichiki 2006-09-23