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puzzle of WANem using

ding xiong
  • ding xiong
    ding xiong

    When I use the WANem to emulate a WAN.I used three PCs as three network nodes,two nodes sended message to the other  one,but ,the node received message not equal for the two sources.It might only  receive the message from one source node,so that, cannot get the message from another in time.Though,not very long,it influenced my program.I didn't know how the WANem deal with the message while using the TCP/IP.It's certain or just happening occasionally. I hope someone can help me.Thanks for your answers.

  • M K Nambiar
    M K Nambiar

    Let me attempt to understand this correctly.

    You are saying that you have 3 PC's communicating to each other using WANem. 2 of them (senders) are sending a message to the third (receiver). Both senders send the same message. But the receiver accepts only one message, discarding the second one as a duplicate. Am I correct?

    If so you want to know how WANem handles the message if the senders communicate with the receiver using TCP? - Am I correct here?

    Well - WANem works at the IP layer. TCP is treated like any other transport protocol - So the traffic flows as per the networks settings you have configured using the WANem GUI.

    Hope this helps?