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no wallpaper for 3 seconds during switch?

  • jdbizz

    First off, thank you for making such an awesome utility!

    I'm using:
    ubuntu 12.4    gnome-shell
    wally uses only the "folder" engine which points to one local folder with 250 images.

    when the wallpaper is changed, it makes the previous wallpaper dissapear (showing a wallpaperless blank desktop)  for about 3 seconds, then loads the new wallpaper.

    I've reproduced this on a few machines/configs

    is there some way to stop this blanking behavior?  Idealy a new wallpaper would just replace the old one with no delay.

    Thank you!

  • Hi,

    sorry for my late answer.

    This behavior is due to your Window Manager. Wally just tells it to change desktop picture to a new one, and that's all. The act of changing is managed by your Window Manager, so I cannot suggest you how to change the blanking process.

    Anyway, the action is the same as you change your wallpaper manually. So please try to find out how to configure this aspect and verify that is working changing your wallpaper manually, before using Wally.