Doesn't work with System Proxy in Ubuntu

  • Mykro

    Hi, I have set up my Ubuntu Natty Alpha 3 System Proxy with an IP and port number, which I can confirm works with Firefox, Software Centre, etc.  No authentication is needed for this proxy.

    I directed Wally to use the System Proxy, but it does not load any pictures.  The icon sits there with only a "Cancel" option for about a minute, before the full context menu is available again.  No new pictures appear.

    When I enter the same IP and port number into Wally under "Custom Proxy", Wally loads pictures successfully.  For some reason, Wally is not able to use the configured System Proxy.

    Attempted with Wally 2.3.2 and 2.4.1. 

    Happy to provide any logs or debug information if you can point me to them.


  • Hi,

    due to Qt network library limitation, system proxy configuration is not available on Linux system, cause it's not a standard detection.