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WallerScript / News: Recent posts

WS3.1 updates for snircd

WallerScript 3.1 in CVS has now been updated so it works with Quakenet's new snircd

Posted by Chris Northwood 2008-04-04

WallerScript 3.1 CVS new activity


I've made some changes to WallerScript 3.1 in CVS, mainly adding a few new modules (google, mrtg, argos) and updating some stuff, and adding a new bootup flag, in addition to tidying up the languages subfolder.

Other recent changes also include cu.tcl outputting the results of a "ban list" to a HTML file, if the PISG module is loaded and there are more than 5 bans set on the channel, to solve the excess flood problem.... read more

Posted by Chris Northwood 2006-06-17

WS 3.1

WallerScript 3.1 ( a modular version of WallerScript ) is available on our SourceForge CVS

Posted by Chris Northwood 2004-02-28

WallerScript 3.09 Release Candidate

WallerScript 3.09, which contains a variety of new features, etc, is now available for download in a 'Release Candidate' variety.

This basically means the documentation hasn't been updated :P, but it now has the option for you to turn the MySQL mode off, if that's causing problems.

Posted by Chris Northwood 2004-01-24

WallerScript and Kamui projects merged.

WallerScript 3.08 is going to contain MySQL support for a channel blacklist - this is going to delay the release of WS 3.08 because I'm going to have to release documentation on how to setup MySQL, etc.

Also, the version on the dev site won't work, due to missing variables.

Posted by Chris Northwood 2003-11-30


Erm, I really cba to get CVS working, so what I've done is created a new folder on the subsite and symlinked it to the relevant scripts :P

Kamui is still going to be private until we remove the MySQL connection stuff to make it less hard-coded.


Posted by Chris Northwood 2003-11-28

WS 3.07 and getting it working

First of all, WS 3.07 is out.

We did intend WS to be a release for advanced users, but *sigh*, a lot of the support we're giving are for the matter of converting your userfile to work with WS.

You need to do the following commands to get it going:

.chattr YourHandle +A

And in the hub chan:
!tcl foreach user [userlist] { setuser $user XTRA TARGET NOTICE }

That's all I think needs doing - and it'll be in the README to WS 3.08 anyway.

Posted by Chris Northwood 2003-11-15

Wallerscript 3.06

It's been a while, but it's out.

Check the Changelog and you'll see how much we've changed. A _lot_ of the internal code has changed, so it should run faster, better and smoother.

Anyway, enjoy it, and drop into #animebots on Quakenet to let us know what you think of it.

Posted by Chris Northwood 2003-10-20

WallerScript Sakura

So what does the future have in store for WallerScript? A web-based admin system, that's what.

This'll whet your appetite:

Posted by Chris Northwood 2003-10-01

Wallerscript 3.05

This is just a couple of bug fixes after some complaints from some users (i.e., if $cmdchar was set, then when the script reported a wrong syntax, it didn't take it into account, and there is a new $cmdcharmsg variable).

Among other things, we've switched to using the proper Tcl method for control codes, and had a proper implementation of ws_isauthed (i.e., the bot now msg's you if you're not authed on all commands, rather than some).... read more

Posted by Chris Northwood 2003-09-28

The Wallerscript Botnet method

We've just released WS 3.04, and it's been edited to remove a few bugs, and now also contains the brand-new Wallerscript Botnet method, which Cinder (Rob), Waller (Richard) and I (Chris\laser) developed between us today.

We've sucessfully implemented this method onto our botnet, and we even had a cause to use it, when a link failed, the botnet self fixed itself.

Here's the contents of the BOTNET file included in the .tar.gz, which sums up what it is, and how to use it.... read more

Posted by Chris Northwood 2003-09-17

What is Kamui?

There's been a new package added to the download page, even though there are no downloads attached to it yet, you may have also noticed that we've updated our trove categorisation.

Kamui, when complete, will come in 2 parts: a Tcl segment, for use on Eggdrops, which will be very similar (for the end-user) to the existing Wallerscript, but instead of using Eggdrops user and channel files, most things will have a MySQL backend, and will therefore allow portability.... read more

Posted by Chris Northwood 2003-09-15

What happened to 3.02?

Well, we've skipped to 3.03, mainly because we never got round to uploading the version 3.02.

Anyway, with WS 3.03, we've got a new developer on board - AniDante (Andrew Stevens), who's managed to work with us to create some new botnet features, and I introduced some features that needed bringing back (they were lost in the transistion from WS 2.9 to 3.0, somehow), which is basically botnet and partyline reporting.... read more

Posted by Chris Northwood 2003-09-14


I will be shortly making the full Wallerscript source public, as soon as I finish stripping any Animebots related stuff out of it.

Posted by Chris Northwood 2003-08-26


All accounts are now activated by e-mail.

Posted by Chris Northwood 2003-07-06

A new build.

Taken from ssmmdd's suggestion - the topic reporting in the admin channel now says who set it, and their authname.

Posted by Chris Northwood 2003-06-29

Finally, a release

This is an internal Animebots admin release - we want to rip any Animebots-specific stuff out before it goes public, sorry.

Posted by Chris Northwood 2003-06-24