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Version 3 beta Released

w00t Gallery 3 beta is now out:


There is no updater for this release and you will not be able to update from it to version 3.0.

I appreciate all feedback from the beta to w00tgallery-at-yahoo-dot-com


Posted by stiubhart 2007-08-01

Version 2.3 Available Now!

Version 2.3 has been release, along with the updater for updating from version 2.2.

The new version has a number of improvements:

# Various bug fixes
# Greatly improved database efficiency
# New update and add-on installation systems for ease of use

Have fun!

Posted by stiubhart 2007-04-20

Upgrade from version 2.1 now!

Posted by stiubhart 2007-02-25

Demo Site Now Online

The w00t Gallery demo site is now online:


Check it out for a look at version 2.2 and soon a BETA of version 2.3.

Sign up as a user, and you'll be able to see the complete admin panel, not just the gallery itself.

Posted by stiubhart 2007-02-25

User Accounts and Comment System for Version 2.2 - OUT NOW!

w00t Gallery version 2.2 has been released. It comes with the ability to support multiple user accounts. There's also a comment system with word filters and the new "Details" view!

In addition, the admin panel has been improved along with the "Autoshow" view. Users can now also choose to sort by filename or by date.

http://downloads.sourceforge.net/w00tgallery/w00t_Gallery_2_2.zip... read more

Posted by stiubhart 2007-02-25

Version 2.1 out now!

w00t Gallery version 2.1 is available for download now @ http://downloads.sourceforge.net/w00tgallery/w00t_Gallery_2_1.zip

To update from version 2.0, download the updater @ http://downloads.sourceforge.net/w00tgallery/w00t_Gallery_2_0_to_2_1_Updater.zip

Posted by stiubhart 2007-02-04

Update from w00t Gallery 1.7 to 2.0 with ease!

The w00t Gallery updater has been released! You can now update from version 1.7.0 to 2.0.0 with ease! The install pack comes with everything you need.

Make sure you read the "updater readme.txt" before attempting to update w00t Gallery!

Posted by stiubhart 2007-01-28

w00t Gallery 2 is now available!

There’s a retouched and rearranged display system that makes w00t Gallery even more of a pleasure to use! In addition, the gallery now makes use of AJAX to handle pictures – speeding up page load times. Users now also have the ability to rate pictures thanks to the new rating system.

The administration panel has been improved to increase ease of use. It’s also better integrated with the rest of the gallery. Languages and styles are now fully customisable; the English, German and French language pack is still there, and it now comes with the “Wacky Blue” style. The name says it all!... read more

Posted by stiubhart 2007-01-24

Version 1.7 Released

w00t Gallery version 1.7 is out now! It incorporates:

# Improved height management system - allows height and width to be set for each picture, max and min height and widths to be set, sets the picture to it's native resolution when not otherwise specified and automatically locks aspect ratios when appropriate.

# Basic Language Pack (English, German, French) - Provides translations for most of w00t Gallery (except the admin panel). It even allows you to add your own language too.... read more

Posted by stiubhart 2007-01-05

Version 1.5.0 Released!

Yet another new release! This one fixes a security hole in the admin session management. Better still, it adds customisable CSS to the admin panel so you can make w00t Gallery look almost anyway you like!

To upgrade, paste the new .php in place of the old one. Set the database access settings again and then click "Reset to default settings" under "Settings" in the admin panel.

Posted by stiubhart 2006-12-13

Version 1.4.0 Released!

Version 1.4.0 of w00t Gallery has been released! It now incorporates a search function and some bug fixes.

There are no database changes so all you need to do to upgrade is paste the new .php in place of the old one and set the database settings again.

Posted by stiubhart 2006-12-13

Version 1.3.1 Released

w00t Gallery v1.3.1 is now released! It now includes a slide show option and a revamped admin panel.

To upgrade, add a field: "slide_len MEDIUMINT(4) NOT NULL" to the 'settings' table in the gallery database. Then simply replace the old .php file with the new one.

You'll need to set the database access settings again.

Posted by stiubhart 2006-12-06

Upgrading to Version 1.2.2

To upgrade from version 1.1.0 to 1.2.2 is relatively simple. Just run this MySQL:

$sql = "ALTER TABLE 'gallery' ADD 'url' VARCHAR(200) NOT NULL"

And install the new .php file in place of the old one. You'll need to set the database access settings again.

Posted by stiubhart 2006-11-26

Version 1.2.1 Released

The new version of w00t Gallery now allows you to add pictures from external sources to your galleries. Simply enter the external picture's URL and it will be displayed alongside all your other pictures.

It also fixes the bug in version 1.2.1 that stopped you entering more than 5 characters when changing URL.

Posted by stiubhart 2006-11-26

Version 1.1.0 Released

Version 1.1.0 introduces minor changes to w00t Gallery. However, a slight change in database structure means v1.1.0 is incompatible with v1.0.0. Please download v1.1.0 at: http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=177120.

Change log:

• Added ability to set individual picture widths.
• Added ability to move pictures between galleries.
• Removed bug that allowed galleries to be renamed as "".
• Improved layout and interface of admin panel.

Posted by stiubhart 2006-11-03