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Merge branch 'master' into maintained-release

* master: (324 commits)
Using same var names as in getbinaries
Correct start date
Doc: Added screenshots
Removed pdfs again (not needed here)
Doc: Fixed error in xlink documentation
Doc: Updated pdfs
Doc: Updated version number
Version 2.2.4, Bugfix for default type of xlink
Bugfix: Some images were not found when preparing an OBS release
Removed unused path for documentation
Added pdfs to git
Version 2.2.3
Doc: Update manual to 2.2.3
Doc feature: Print all available commands
Doc: Fix typo visible in screenshot
Bugfix: Undo not possible for deleting mapcenter
New screenshot noteeditor
Bugfix: Select images instead of branches at same position
Updated manpage
Doc: New macros

Uwe Drechsel Uwe Drechsel 2012-07-06