Hi Amitha

Thanks for your help. I have used Cmake with vxl. I am now using the vxl_config.h as generated by cmake in the vxl-1.3.0-bin directory. However I still have some issues:
[bill@shire trial]$ gcc textexample.cpp -I ../vxl-1.3.0-bin/core/ -I ../vxl-1.3.0/core/
In file included from textexample.cpp:2:
../vxl-1.3.0/core/vil/vil_rgb.h:32:26: vcl_iostream.h: No such file or directory
In file included from textexample.cpp:2:
../vxl-1.3.0/core/vil/vil_rgb.h:151: error: expected init-declarator before '&'token
../vxl-1.3.0/core/vil/vil_rgb.h:151: error: expected `;' before '&' token
In file included from ../vxl-1.3.0/core/vil/vil_image_resource.h:14,
                 from ../vxl-1.3.0/core/vil/vil_load.h:29,
                 from textexample.cpp:3:
../vxl-1.3.0/core/vil/vil_image_view_base.h:17:24: vcl_iosfwd.h: No such file or directory

Is it because of some environment variables I need to set?

Thanks again

On 12/19/05, Amitha Perera <perera@cs.rpi.edu> wrote:
William Wallace wrote about vxl compile errors:
> I have made 2a directories called vxl-1.3.0 and vxl-1.3.0-bin as
> instructed in the installation files.
> ../vxl-1.3.0/core/vxl_config.h:20:5: token "@" is not valid in preprocessor
> expressions

There is no file called "vxl_config.h" in the source tree
(vxl-1.3.0); it should be generated into the binary tree
(vxl-1.3.0-bin). Did you create it yourself? Are you using CMake?