I am a new user of VXL seeking help from the community.

I am looking for an example on the usage of:

gel/vmal/vmal_track_lines.h & gel/vmal/vmal_track_lines.cxx

I have unmatched random line segments that have been detected from 2 views and I wish to automatically match the line segments between the 2 views using a known homography. The "vmal_track_lines.cxx" file in module "vmal" from "contrib/gel/vmal" appears to do exactly what I am searching for.

However, I am unable to find a working example with sample date on the correct method to pass the parameters to the function.

//: Main function that computes the matches between lines in the images.
  void track_lines(const vcl_vector<vcl_vector<vtol_edge_2d_sptr>*>* fit_lines,
                   const vcl_vector<vcl_vector<vtol_edge_2d_sptr>*>* transformed_lines,
                   const vcl_vector<vil1_image> &images, const vcl_vector<vnl_double_3x3> &homo,
                   vmal_multi_view_data_edge_sptr matches);

Could anyone kindly post a simple example with sample data on how to call the above function?

I would be grateful if someone could point me to some examples similar to the "contrib/gel/mrc/vpgl/algo/examples" also contributed by GE CRD. The examples made a huge difference in facilitating the learning and usage the library. I would appreciate pointers to documentation (other than the doxygen class listing) or pseudocode describing the algorithm of the "vmal" module too.

Thanks in advance for your kind tips.