Hi, Jurgen
I failed to understand your meaning. I can use vidl lib to play avi under window xp. Could you offer me some hints about visit USB camera from VXL?
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2006/1/24, Jurgen Depicker <jurgen.lists@gmail.com>:

I intend to do the same, but am still struggling to get the
compilation of VXL working completely - at present it breaks at
'vidl'.  (linux FC4).


2006/1/23, ܲ <jjcao1231@gmail.com>:
> Hi friends,
> I intend to get image of video from a common USB camera installed on
> my PC (window XP) by VXL. Where shoud I begin? (Except the camera, I
> have nothing such as, API of the camera)
> OpenCV has an example of the whole process? Is there anyone?
> Thanks,
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> JJCao