Thanks for all the information!


2010/2/4 Ian Scott <>
On 04/02/2010 14:59, Adri Vernetta wrote:
Thanks! It worked.

By the way, where are the libs definitions in order to check what lib is
necessari to add when adding a specific header?

Its mostly a directory thing.
core/v*l can be found in lib v*l
core/v*l/algo can be found in lib v*l_algo
core/v*l/io can be found in lib v*l_io
note that core/v*l/Templates, core/v*l/tests, etc. are not libraries.

The contrib libraries tend not concatenate directory names, but just use the final directory name for the library, eg.
contrib/mul/vpdfl can be found in lib vpdfl
contrib/brl/bseg/bpro_batch can be found in lib bpro_batch

The precise details of library names and contents can be found in the CMakeLists.txt files in every directory.