I just solved a strange build problem for myself that is somehow related to VXL, CMake and my particular environment.  I don't know if there is any particular change that should be made to VXL or CMake, but this took me so long to track down I thought I should briefly report it.
Sometime over the past week or two CMake started producing makefiles that use the "-shared -nostdlib" options instead of "-Wl,-G" to link objects into a shared library (*.so).  With this change all of VXL still builds for me, but just about all executables produced in the VXL tree stop with a Bus Error immediately after starting.  Everything build fine, but nothing runs.  Strange.
I'm using Solaris 2.7.  I saw this problem on both gcc-3.0.3 and gcc-3.0.2.  I isolated the problem (to some extent) by first backing off the compiler version, which I changed recently, then backing off the VXL source tree about a month, and then backing off the CMake source tree about a month (a desperate guess that I really didn't think would have any effect, but it did).
I added these lines to my CMakeCache...
Fred Wheeler

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