Have we tested VXL with CMake 2.0?
We seem to be getting a lot of error reports with people using CMAke2.0, and at least one of them was fixed by using CMake.1.8.3
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Subject: [Vxl-users] main build errors and test failed

I have difficulties to build VXL libraries.I use VXL and CMake 2.0 to build makefile for borland, my compiler is bcc32 5.5.
XP Sp1
Errors appear during the main build, the most frequent is:
Error "file-name.txx" E2473: invalid explicit specialisation of "variable-name" in "function-name"
as in vil_image_view.txx in the function convert_planes_from_components<unsigned char>(vil_image_view<unsigned char>&), const vil_image_view_base<unsigned char>&) with the variable "ncomp" and "rhs"
this error appears 20 times in this file.
For libraries build correctly (I only try to build mvl.lib and dependencies), some test failed:
vcl tests passed
vul tests passed except test_arg : 3 error windows open after list1 size = 0
vgl tests passed except:
 test_fit_lines_2d: stoped during testing line regr ession (s everal error windows appear)
vnl tests passed
vnl_algo tests passed except:
 test_qr:  vnl_eror_vector_dimension
 test_svd: stoped after Hilber recompositon residual - passed (several error windows appear)
If someone could give me the way to solve such errors, thanks a lot.

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