The CMake "Shared Library" feature doesn't work with MSVC. This is mostly due to MSVC's requirements to have either
1. a complete list of every exportable identifier
2. a decoration of every identifier in the code.
We are too lazy (or appalled at this MS "feature") to try to fix this.
If you absolutely need dll's there are two known workarounds.
1. Build your code using cygwin, which can produce shared libraries in the normal (i.e. unix-like) manner.
2. If you only want to export a small number of classes or functions, then you can manually list them. See the MSVC tool documentation for further details.
Sorry I can be more help.
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Hi vxl experts,
   I am a new user of vxl. I used Cmake to create a VC6.0 project with "BUILD_SHAREDLIBRARY" ON. But when I compile "ALL_BUILD" project, it gives message "cannot open vcl.lib". How can I build the needed .lib first ?  Another question is: can I use generated project to create a relevant .dll for use in my other VC6.0 project ?
Thanks for your help
Gorge Wei 

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