Brad has informed me that the new repository can be browsed at this location:

I don't know how to update the links to point here.  Brad, do you know how to update the Dashboard to redirect here?

We've been using a reconstructed git-svn tracking repository internally at Kitware.  We intentionally waited to publish this to see if anyone was missing the old one.  Apparently, some users outside of Kitware are using it.  Brad will be publishing a new git tracking repository soon.  However, please note that the entire history had to be rewritten because the SVN repository changed.  Every git commit contains the SVN repo URL to allow git to interface with SVN, so all commits had to be rewritten.  You should be able to easily rebase your local changes onto the new git tracking repository.

I would like to restart the discussion of migrating VXL to git.  It's been almost a year since we had this discussion.  Where we last left it there was significant interest in moving to git by all Kitware maintainers and a handful of other maintainers.  Some VXL maintainers were ambivalent, seeing the benefits of git, but worried about time investment needed to learn a new tool.  I believe only Peter was opposed to using git.  I also got requests for switching to git from a few VXL users.  No VXL users sent requests to stick with SVN.  The short term plan was the publish this svn-tracking git repository to allow people to experiment with working with VXL in git.  So did any developers try it?  What are everyone's current opinions towards git?

I personally feel that switching to git will help re-energize the VXL community and make it easier for non-maintainers to submit features and bug fixes for review.  We recently got an e-mail from a potential new contributor who uses VXL through git svn-tracking and was looking for a way to contribute to VXL.  It would be much easier for me to review his contributions by having him just push his git branches to me.  Many other projects, including recently OpenCV, have made the switch to git for similar reasons.  See last years e-mails for discussion of other benefits.

Also, we would not be tied so closely to sourceforge servers if using git.  We could mirror VXL at GitHub and other locations, and all the SVN migration work that Brad just did would not be needed again.  Kitware is still willing to do the SVN to git conversion work if the community is on board.  It will save us effort in doing future SVN migrations if Sourceforge ever imposes further hosting changes.  

Thoughts? Comments? Discussions?


On Wed, Jan 23, 2013 at 10:12 AM, Isabel Restrepo <> wrote:
Hi All,

It used to be possible to browse the old repository at, in fact it is still there. However the set up for the new trunk doesn't seem to work on that page. Any ideas? The links to view our svn repo in SF and Kitware Dashboard still point to that location.

Also, any plans get publish a git-svn tracking repository again? 



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