I am in favor of gradually dropping usage of GNU extension.   C++11 standard provides a clean solution for constant value definition.  Though not many compilers are C++11 compliant at this moment,  it is definitely the future direction of VXL. 

Gehua Yang

On Fri, Mar 1, 2013 at 2:40 PM, Bill Hoffman <bill.hoffman@kitware.com> wrote:
The default build of vxl with clang produces tons of warnings like this:

/.../vxl/core/vnl/vnl_math.h:96:36: warning: in-class initializer for
static data member of type 'const double' is a GNU extension [-Wgnu]

   static VNL_DLL_DATA const double one_over_sqrt2pi

The clang vxl dashboard gets around this issue with this:

This means that any gnu extensions are errors and when cmake does the
try compile for this it will fail.   I am thinking the try compile needs
to be fixed or maybe this usage should just be removed since it is a gnu
only extension...



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