Excellent, thanks! I had the BUILD_VGUI switch off, I honestly hadn't realised such switches existed. Anyway, everything seems to be working now.


On Sat, Mar 12, 2011 at 8:10 PM, Ian Scott <scottim@imorphics.com> wrote:
I'm afraid I don't use vgui at all, so I can only suggest the obvious.

Have you checked if the rest of vgui is building. I think it is controlled by a switch "BUILD_VGUI" or something like that in the CMake settings. Of course bgui shouldn't be building unless vgui has been built.

Alternatively if you don't need anything specifically from contrib/brl you can disable that part of the build with "BUILD_BRL"



On 12/03/2011 18:44, Andrew Hoelscher wrote:

I couldn't find vgui_config.h in the binary tree, so I cleared out the
directory completely and re-ran cmake. In the directory, there are a
whole bunch of config files, including vidl_config.h and vxl_config.h
for example, but no vgui_config.h, so it looks like my configuration
step isn't generating the file. This is the most recent version in the
repository, is there something I need to do differently?


On Sat, Mar 12, 2011 at 1:29 PM, Ian Scott <scottim@imorphics.com
<mailto:scottim@imorphics.com>> wrote:


   You should find vgui/vgui_config.h in the binary build tree. It is
   automatically generated by CMake from the vgui_config.h.in
   <http://vgui_config.h.in> file in the source tree.

   You likely either have a problem with your configuration step not
   setting your compiler include directories to search the binary tree,
   or you have a problem with your configuration step not creating the
   file in the first place. Either way, try rerunning CMake, and
   proceed from there.


     On 12/03/2011 18:14, Andrew Hoelscher wrote:

       Hey all,

       I'm trying to compile the development branch of VXL (checked out
       the SVN repository), on an Ubuntu 10.10 system with g++ 4.4.5
       and cmake
       2.8.2. I'm getting a rather odd error:

       In file included from vxl/trunk/core/vgui/vgui_soview2D.h:30,
       vxl/trunk/core/vgui/vgui_gl.h:7: fatal error: vgui/vgui_config.h: No
       such file or directory
       compilation terminated.

       I looked under vgui, and the compiler is correct, I don't have a
       vgui_config.h, but I do have a vgui_config.h.in
       <http://vgui_config.h.in>, whose comments say that vgui_config.h is

       created from the vgui configuration process. How do I go about
       generating this file? I initially configured the system by
       creating a
       directory called vxl_bin and ran cmake VXLSOURCE inside that
       Did I miss a step?


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