I recently ran into an issue when using VxL with another package where the external package had a library with the same name as a VxL library. This causes confusion for a linker. In this case, the name of the library was vrml.lib. In VxL vrml.lib is generated from contrib/oxl/vrml.


In my case I can work around this issue by either not compiling oxl, or by changing the external package to generate a library with a different name.

In most of vxl this is not an issue, but with a library name like “vrml” there is a good chance for library name collision.


I would like to suggest that VxL libraries conform to  more distinctive naming convention.  For example vxl_vrml.lib, or vxl_oxl_vrml.lib.  We need not change the names of the directory structure, just the names of the libraries generated. It would appear  that contrib/brl has already addressed this once because I see a library named bvrml.lib (from contrib/brl/bbas/bvrml).


Are there other, suggestions for avoiding this problem?

Could someone at Oxford perhaps undertake to re-name vrml.lib?




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