I have fixed the dashboard errors that BRL was causing on and in your linux There is an error left on for Windows. I am pretty sure this can be fixed by turning VXL_FORCE_B3P_EXPAT to ON on Cmake. I don't develop on Windows so if someone can help fixing this error using the default values in CMake, that'll be great. I think we may be just missing a IF(FOUND_EXPATPP) guard.

I hope we can get a new VXL release soon.


On May 15, 2012, at 11:05 AM, YULianqing wrote:

Dear BRL developers,
I'm planning to make a new VXL release before the end of this May and try to restore the release pace of twice a year. We have not made any release for two years after all. 
Now the primary issue is that there are still build errors on the dashboard, in particular from the site (that I set up a couple of days ago) and And unfortunately all errors are in the BRL module. I tried to fix them but failed. Therefore I write this mail to ask for the help from BRL developers. I guess you have set up the correct CMake variables to ensure a successful build. But please leave them as default so that ordinary users do not have to go throught the trouble of setting up build configurations. I thank you for your diligent work to keep VXL active and am looking forward to your kindly reply.
Best wishes
Lianqing YU
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