Hi all,

I'm using Microsoft Visual C++ .net v2003 Standard on Windows XP, and I'm having some trouble building the VXL libraries.  I downloaded the zip file (VXL v1.0.0) and used CMake v2.0 to generate the build files.  I kept all the default settings: all the cache values are ON except BUILD_SHARED_LIBS, BUILD_TARGETJR, and BUILD_VGUI.  I then opened the 'vxl.sln' project and compiled the 'ALL_BUILD' project, which proceeds to compile all 355 projects in the 'vxl.sln'.  When it is finished compiling, 307 have succeeded, 42 have failed, and 6 are unaccounted for.  The mbl project fails because of too many syntactical errors of the following types:

1) error C2059: syntax error : ':'
2) error C2143: syntax error : missing '{' before ':'
3) error C2059: syntax error : '<'
4) error C2143: syntax error : missing '{' before '<'

The first two errors are called numerous times on the 'cstdio' and 'cstring' files that came with MSVC++.  The second two are called several times on the file vxl-1.0.0\core\vbl\vbl_triple.h.  The compiler complains everytime a template definition is made in the vbl_triple.h file, such as in the line of code: 'template <class T1, class T2, class T3>'.  All of these errors result in:

fatal error C1003: error count exceeds 100; stopping compilation.

The other 41 projects fail due to: fatal error LNK1104: cannot open file 'mbl.lib'

Thus, it seems that the mbl project needs the vbl_triple.h file, for some reason calls errors on it, and is not able to generate its library file, mbl.lib.  There must be 41 projects relying on this library which fail because they cannot find it.  Does anyone know how to remedy this?  What is the problem with the vbl_triple.h file?  Why are errors being called on standard C files?  Are there any special settings or options that need to be triggered?  Any advice at all is welcome!

Ankit Jain