Thanks, I have recently started to use VXL. I am trying to understand all the camera calibration, stereo and rectification stuff, but the beginning is always hard.
I will let you know about my progress

2008/5/21 Ian Scott <>:
Sorry about the delay in (not) answering.

I don't think anyone still maintains the gel/vmal library, and the original authors are no longer around in the VXL community.

I have tried to pass your question to the original authors, so you might still hear something, but I wouldn't hold any expectation of an answer.

On the plus side we have an opening for someone to maintain vmal if you are interested.


videoman library wrote:
I am trying to rectify some stereo images. this is my code
vmal_rectifier *rect = new vmal_rectifier( pts0, pts1, height, width );
vnl_double_3x3 H0;
vnl_double_3x3 H1;
rect->rectification_matrix( H0, H1 );
rect->resample( H0, H1, imgLV, imgRV );
Finally get the rectified image
rect->GetRectifiedImageLeft( );
But the rectification is not correct and the image presents a very big distortion.
I use ~70 matching points found by vgel_kl