Hello. I have just started my M. Sc. project, and i am making a project about medical imaging.
So for this purpose i need vision libraries such as ITK/VTK.
But there seems to be ITK which uses VTK for visualiation, and a sublibrary of VXL called VNL for matrix operations and optimization.
Then there is the VXL package which seems to be a library that has all imaging functionality also.
Besides there also seems to be the Intel Performance Libraries  (IPP and MKL ) for imaging.
So with all these libraries i am getting a bit confused since they are all complex libraries.
So how should all these libraries be used? In combination or should i choose one above the other, and in that case which one is good for what purposes?
I know its quite difficult to just say that this library is good for this specific thing, but like an overall...What is good to start with, and what are the relationsships between all these libraries?