Dear Amitha,

I write you to tell you that now all is good.

Thank you


Amitha Perera wrote:
On Fri 05 Sep 2003, Gustavo Olague wrote:
Thank you for your help Amitha. I change the gtk but now I have the 
following error:

Building executable 
gtk-display-image.o(.text+0x8f): In function `main':
: undefined reference to 

It looks like the gtk implementation is not being linked in. This is
probably because of the change in GTK--some files need to be rebuilt
after specifying the new GTK.

 First, check that gtk support is being compiled. You should have some
files like vgui_gtk_impl.o in your *binary* directory. If you do, then
try deleting vgui_register_all.o and re-compiling. If that doesn't
work, try deleting all the .o files in vgui and re-compiling.

If you do the last step, watch the compile lines to make sure that
vgui_gtk_impl is compiled.

Post to the list to let us know it goes.



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