There is already a "VNL_CONFIG_LEGACY_METHODS" CMake variable;
I'd propose to put "#if VNL_CONFIG_LEGACY_METHODS" around those vnl_math_* #defines.
Currently, these backward compatibility defines are unconditionally visible.

-- Peter.

Matt McCormick <> wrote:

A way to move forward could be a ITK_LEGACY_REMOVE variable defined in the CMakeLists.txt:

  option(VXL_LEGACY_REMOVE "Remove legacy code for backwards compatibility." OFF)

In core/


and surround the compatibility with a "#if !defined( VXL_LEGACY_REMOVE )".

On Wed, Nov 14, 2012 at 2:38 PM, Philip Tresadern <> wrote:
> I can confirm that adding the following macros directly to vnl_math.h work (at least under Visual Studio 2005):
> #define vnl_math_isnan vnl_math::isnan
> #define vnl_math_isinf vnl_math::isinf
> #define vnl_math_isfinite vnl_math::isfinite
> #define vnl_math_rnd_halfinttoeven vnl_math::rnd_halfinttoeven
> #define vnl_math_rnd_halfintup vnl_math::rnd_halfintup
> #define vnl_math_rnd vnl_math::rnd
> #define vnl_math_floor vnl_math::floor
> #define vnl_math_ceil vnl_math::ceil
> #define vnl_math_abs vnl_math::abs
> #define vnl_math_max vnl_math::max
> #define vnl_math_min vnl_math::min
> #define vnl_math_sqr vnl_math::sqr
> #define vnl_math_cube vnl_math::cube
> #define vnl_math_sgn vnl_math::sgn
> #define vnl_math_sgn0 vnl_math::sgn0
> #define vnl_math_squared_magnitude vnl_math::squared_magnitude
> #define vnl_math_cuberoot vnl_math::cuberoot
> #define vnl_math_hypot vnl_math::hypot
> If the aim is to minimize disruption, this would be my recommendation; if
the aim is to persuade all users to migrate to the namespace version,
however, then an '#if legacy' or separate include file might give them the
nudge they require.
> Phil.
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>> Sent: 14 November 2012 08:27
>> To: Matt McCormick; Johnson, Hans J
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>> Subject: Re: [Vxl-users] API change of vnl_math to namespace
>> Matt McCormick wrote:
>> > Would it be possible to get backwards-compatibility macros like
>> > #define vnl_math_abs vnl_math::abs ?
>> Yes, of course. Good idea.
>> I suppose this can go in core/vnl_math.h Or would a kind of "#if legacy..."
>> switch be the preferred way? Or maybe a separate include file, say
>> vnl_math_oldstyle.h ?
>> --      Peter.